Talia Cartridges 100g

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An all-natural formula developed to remove unwanted hair.
The talia wax is gentle enough for delicate areas and leaves skin sleek, smooth and hair-free.
Its thin consistency ensures easy, thin, smooth application and quick removal of the product.
Convenient, no-leak, roll on container ensures an easy, quick and safe wax application.
Instructions for use: Heat the cartridge with wax in a special heater.
Heating time: 20 minutes. When the wax heats up, you can start the depilation process.
Apply a strip of wax (about 15cm) in the direction of hair growth. Attach a wax strip for depilation, smooth your hand along the entire length in the direction of hair growth. Take wax strip at one end and tear it against the direction of hair growth.
To get the best results, we recommend using before and after depilation oil.
Ingredients: Natural Bee’s Wax, Microcrystalline Wax, Colofonia, Rosin Ester with Glycerin, Antioxidants and Pigments.

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