Spa-Valous Body Massage Scented Candles

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Treatments with Natural Eco-Friendly Body Massage Spa-Valous™ Candles.


Using Spa-Valous™ candles with the chakras and color therapy can have a great healing effect.

There are 7 different fragranced candles in the Spa-Valous™ Soy Cosmetic Body Massage Candle range.  Each candle relates to a different chakra. All the candles are dye free and white in color, it is the fragrance of the essential oils and body safe fragrances that relate to the different chakra colors.


How to use your Spa-Valous Candle

After choosing your Spa-Valous™ Body Candle relating to your choice of colour from the seven colours of the chakra’s you can enjoy an aroma therapeutic bath experience. Trim wick to 5mm before lighting the candle.

Once lit allow candle to burn for approximately 20 minutes or until a full melt pool has been achieved.
Ensure even burning in a container candle, safely allow the melt pool to expand evenly across the candle surface (Keep your candle out of a draft or breeze this will help ensure even melting across the surface.) This method will help your candle burn more evenly across the surface the next time it is lit.

Once melted, Soy wax tends toward an irregular surface, producing small bumps and formations even a white patina. Allow the candle to burn for at least 20 minutes while you relax in the aromatic flavours of the essential oils used to fragrance the candles that has been chosen according to the related chakra.
Once out of the bath. Place your finger into the melt pool, it will only be 2 degrees hotter than your body temperature and therefore the oil will be warm  hot. Push the bottom of the wick into the oil in order to extinguish the flame. Do not blow the flame out as you don’t want to give off any white soot.

Once the flame is out the soy candle can be used as a luxurious body lotion or massage medium. Make sure that the body is completely dry before applying the lotion.  Massage the lotion well into the skin. Spa-Valous™ is the candle that you wear.




RED – Bergamot and Coriander

ORANGE – Lavender and Ginger

YELLOW – Mimosa and Cedar wood

GREEN – Patchouli and Jasmine

BLUE – Mandarin and Neroli

INDIGO – Sicilian Orange and Patchouli

VIOLET – Rose and Sandalwood