Paper Bed Roll – 50m

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PE coated tissue paper, totally 30-60Gsm
1-ply PE film and 1-ply pure woodpulp paper laminated with embossed pattern
2-plies of pure wood pulp paper 1-ply PE film lanimated with embossed pattern
Strong and excellent quality.
Paper Bed Roll size as requested available.
Rolls with or without perforated.
Perforated for easy tearing.
Soft and safety.
Hygienic,soft and convenient Medical Couch Roll for the client.
Individually wrapped.


Couch rolls for X-ray, laboratory, hospital, doctors, nursing home, vets, medical centre.

This perforated bed paper roll is perfect for the protection of beauty beds and your clients hygiene during beauty treatment.

Each roll is perforated for your convenience.

Paper Bed Roll – 50m