Facial Steamer Mini – Tornado

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Facial Steamer Mini - Tornado

1. It opens skin pores, and when it penetrates the pores of the skin, it softens and cleans oil, blackheads, makeup marks and dirt.
2. Deep cleaning your skin, improve oil-water balance and skin quality, anti aging and detoxify.
3. Help skin pores release toxins, activate blood circulation, stimulate cell balance and improve wrinkles.
4. Fine water mist makes the water molecule more delicate and easier to be absorbed.
5. Mini size, can be placed in the dressing-table, desk, bedside table, etc.
6. Multi-functional design, you can also use it as a humidifier.

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Facial Steamer Mini – Tornado

Iron vapour steamer can touch the deep skin layer.
Help to keep skin moisture,make your skin relaxation and smooth.
Space-saving,so lightweight which portable to be taken.
It can promote the regeneration of collagen and restore delicate and smooth skin.
Easy to use and to operate at affordable prices
Activate your hydrophilic factor and replenish water in skin.