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Essential Oils & How to apply it

Essential oils are essences of plants extracted by the process of distillation. The flowers are exposed to steam releasing concentrated oils. It takes many flowers to produce 1ml of essential oil. This oil, known as essential oil, is so concentrated that it can cause irritation when applied directly to the skin. The essential oils are traditionally mixed with carrier oil extracted from fruit or vegetable to dilute without loosing the benefit of the essential oil. Popular light carrier oils are Grape seed and Almond oil where the Grape seed oil is hypoallergenic.

A few drops of essential oil may be added to hot bath water to provide a soothing and aromatic bath time.  Your skin will feel soft and moistened. Geranium oil has been known to have been used as a gentle perfume, while many oils have definite medicinal properties with Lavender oil being one of nature’s true gifts to alleviate headaches.

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A selection of Pure Essential Oils and Codes:


Description Code    11 ml   Description Code    11 ml
 Aniseed Q01  Mandarin Q33
 Basil Q02  Marjoram Q35
 Bergamot Q05  Melissa Q36
 Black Pepper Q06  Neroli Q38
 Cajuput Q07  Niaouli Q39
 Camphor Q09  Nutmeg Q40
 Carrot Seed Q10  Orange Bigarde Q41
 Cederwood Q11  Orange Sweet Q42
 Citronella Q13  Palmarosa Q43
 Clary Sage Q14  Patchouli Q45
 Coriander Q16  Peppermint Q46
 Eucalyptus Q18  Pettigrain Q47
 Fennel Q19  Ravensara Q67
 Geranium Q21  Rose  (Blend) Q49
 Ginger Q22  Rosemary Q50
 Grapefruit – Marsh Q23  Rosewood Q51
 Jasmin   Blend Q26  Sage Q52
 Juniperberry Q27  Spearmint Q53S
 Lavender Q28  Tea Tree Q55
 Lemon Verbena Q30  Thyme Oil Q56
 Lemongrass Q31  Vetivert Q57
 Lime Q32  Ylang Ylang Q58




MARICA – Grapeseed Oil 1L Q72-1L
MARICA – Grapeseed Oil 5L Q72-5L
MARICA-Sweet Almond Oil 1L Q73-1L
MARICA-Sweet Almond Oil 5L Q73-5L
MARICA – Essential Oil Kit in Wooden Box (39 x11ml-12x50ml) Q89
 + Carrier Oils 1x500ml  1x250ml