4-in-1 KENO-Beauty Multi-functional Facial Treatment Machine

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4-in-1 KENO-Beauty Multi-functional Facial Treatment Machine

Ultrasonic beauty technology introduced to the beauty field from 80s and become popular
as its wide care range and rapid effect as well as high healing ratio and simply operation,
also become the most popular and practical instrument in beauty field. With the development
of science technology, professional ultrasonic beauty instrument launched
in market.
Popularised by all the customers as its brilliant quality,multi-function,and deluxe appearance.

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The Keno 5 in 1 Machine consist of:

1. High Frequency (HF): Widely used by professional salons and Spas throughout the world,
this gentle healing technology has become an important component of many facial and skin care treatment regimens, procedures and programs. It’s safe and non-invasive technology. It’s been found to be very beneficial in the treatment of many skin conditions. (Include 3 delicate glass electrodes).

2. Galvanic The galvanic facial machine helps to absorb nourishing ingredients into your skin by using galvanic ion.

3. Vacuum Suction Suction out the deeply embedded dirt, oily and other impurities leaves the skin clean and remove the acne

4. Spray Refreshing mist sprayed after the treatment using scented water and/or with essential oils